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EHE IDARE Anonymous Blog

As instances of bias, microaggression, racism, and other hurtful communications seem to be present in our communities, we wanted to provide a mechanism for informal dialogue on this topic. We hope that by allowing individuals to submit anonymously, more of us will be willing to engage and share meaningful examples of behaviors that we have observed, received or perceived. By sharing how we are impacted by the behaviors, we hope to contribute to positive changes in our Department.

The EHE IDARE Anonymous Blog will be a repository of storytelling where individuals can share their life experiences, concerns, or aha moments and insights on diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and equity issues that have occurred at the School, University, the larger community or anywhere in the world. It is definitely not restricted to negative experiences. We hope that the preponderance of the postings is from learning moments or a positive experience but recognize that many of us have had negative experiences. We anticipate that these can become learning moments for some readers and for others confirmation of their own experiences.

The EHE IDARE committee has set up an anonymous blog submission system through Microsoft Forms. The submissions are entirely anonymous. Your name, email, and all associated metadata is automatically erased by the Microsoft Forms system when you submit your comment or story. Your submission is identified only by a numerical ID, e.g., "Respondent 1, 2, 3…”. Your submission will be reviewed by two faculty reviewers within one week. If your blog submission meets the following criteria, it will be posted to the EHE IDARE Anonymous Blog in the IDARE OneDrive Library. If the two reviewers agree that it can be posted, it will be. If they feel it is inappropriate it will not appear. If it does not appear within a week, the originator will know it has not been accepted. Since it is truly anonymous, they cannot get back to you. In this case, the originator will know that the inclusion criteria have not been met and can either consider rewriting it and resubmit or decide that the issue really belongs in the Office of Institutional Equity.

For any questions please contact, if for any reason you are uncomfortable speaking with Alan Goldberg, then contact, Marsha Wills-Karp.

Blog Submission Criteria

To those individuals that submit comments about other posted blog submissions or comments, please make sure to reference the blog post (subject matter, posting reference number, other identifiers) you are commenting on.   Comments will also be reviewed by the two faculty before adding the post.

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