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PhD Track in Exposure Sciences and Environmental Epidemiology

Track in Exposure Sciences and Environmental Epidemiology

The Exposure Sciences and Environmental Epidemiology (ESEE) track offers research and training opportunities in key topic areas relevant to environmental and occupational health.


Program Directors
Academic Program Administrator

Katie Phipps, MSEd

These include air, water, the food system, early life exposures, metals and synthetic chemicals, environmental microbiology, the built environment, global environmental health, molecular and integrated epidemiology, and the investigation of susceptibility factors and effective interventions.

Graduates from the ESEE track work in academic research institutions, health agencies, health departments, public health advocacy organizations and private industry organizations that are leaders in environmental and occupational health in the United States and around the world.

A choice of one of the following areas of focus allows students to achieve depth in didactic and experiential training to complement core instruction provided by the track:

To foster collaboration and enhance research creativity and performance, the ESEE track organizes several seminars and journal clubs.

ESEE track faculty currently accepting students: