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PhD Track Health Security

Track in Health Security

Application Deadline
December 1


Katie Phipps

In a world of rapid innovation in the biological sciences, the emergence of new diseases, and changing environmental pressures, health security risks to the global community are a rising concern. The field of health security has a growing need for trained expertise that can provide science-based solutions and inform global policies to shape preparedness and response efforts. While topic areas in the Health Security track are wide ranging, they share a common thread of reducing health security threats and their impacts and increasing community resilience to global catastrophic biological risks.

This track will prepare future leaders through the study of major biological and health security risks, participation in Center for Health Security (CHS) research activities, and mentorship and advising from CHS faculty to contribute their unique voices and skills to the academic community and ultimately inform global policies that will affect change and advance the field of health security and reduce global catastrophic biological risks.