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Doctor of Public Health in Environmental Health

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) training emphasizes the skills necessary to assess the needs for occupational and environmental health services at regional, national and international levels, the development of policy and the regulatory framework.

DrPH Program Director
Paul Locke, DrPH, MPH, JD
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Health Security Program Track Co-Directors
Jennifer Nuzzo, DrPH, SM
Crystal Watson, DrPH, MPH

The goal of the DrPH Environmental Health concentration is the development and training of senior-level professionals with sufficient understanding of the biomedical and behavioral sciences, epidemiology and biostatistics, legal, economic and social issues, engineering and management technologies, management concepts, and communication skills to provide leadership and management to multidisciplinary environmental issues.

Graduates of the program should be able to analyze and assess complex environmental risks and problems, and offer sound guidance and advice for the reduction of these risks and the resolution of environmental problems. They will also work toward becoming practitioners who can comprehend and integrate the many dimensions of environmental health sciences, define the disciplines that can best be applied to a problem, make sound and critical judgments, and interpret their recommendations clearly in the decision-making processes of policy formulation in industry, government or academia. Graduates are expected to communicate and convey information effectively to the public.

The School has established requirements for completion of the DrPH degree. More information can be found on the DrPH Program page.

Health Security Track

The DrPH Environmental Health concentration includes a Health Security track, which is focused on training to identify, analyze, and mitigate the impact of domestic and international health threats, including epidemics, natural disasters, technological accidents, and intentional attacks.