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Laura Webbert, MSPH '14

Where are you now?

Product Stewardship and Regulatory Specialist
DuPont Company
Wilmington, DE

How did you hear about the program?

While I was internet searching for graduate programs, I saw an ad on the AIHA website about the Hopkins online/part-time program. As I was reading about the program, I was impressed by the professors, their expertise, and how much experience they had in the field. I was also impressed by the setup of the online classes because I wanted a program where I could continue to work full time. I am also originally from the Baltimore area and very familiar with the Hopkins reputation.

How do you like the online classes?

I was nervous at first because I only had classroom experience before, but after starting the program I found that I actually liked the online classes better than classroom instruction. The lectures are previously recorded so you can go at your own pace, and I found if there was something I didn’t understand, I could go back and really drill in the concepts. I also appreciated that the LiveTalks are archived so that if I had an important meeting or was traveling and couldn’t attend a session, I could go back and get all of that information. The teachers were available via email and discussion board, so that helped as well.

The online lectures are actually available in an MP4 format, so I put them on my iPod and took my lectures with me if I was traveling, or just going for a run. All of these features are important when you have a busy life and are trying to balance working, a personal life, and school as well.

Did you like coming to campus for the institute sessions?

I really enjoyed going to campus and I liked the academics because it keeps you fresh in the field. It could be grueling at times, but the School is a vibrant atmosphere with a lot of interesting people. The classes are small, and you get the full attention of the professors and the use of all of the equipment in the lab. There are also seminars to attend on a wide variety of topics and you are always finding out about the latest and greatest research.

 What did you like about the online Seminar in OEH course?

For the online seminar course, they bring in people currently working in the field - whether they are program graduates, prestigious researchers, or policy-makers. It really gives you an idea of what is going on in the field of the occupational and environmental hygiene, and all of the opportunities available. It’s also great from a networking standpoint; I feel comfortable contacting these resources for my professional and my academic life.