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Master of Arts in Geography and Environmental Engineering

Master of Arts in Geography and Environmental Engineering (MA)


Zoe Petersen
Sr. Academic Program Coordinator

The Master of Arts (MA) in Geography and Environmental Engineering is housed in the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE) on the Homewood campus. Students in this program have the unique opportunity to take classes on both the WSE Homewood and JHSPH East Baltimore campuses in order to complete their degree requirements.

The MA degree is open to students with undergraduate degrees in social sciences or the humanities.

Degree Program Requirements

  1. Indicating the 300 course has been reviewed and deemed to have acceptable rigor, and
  2. Where applicable, identifying the name and course number of the class that the 300 level course will replace.

Course Program Requirements

In addition to these course credits, MA students have the option to complete an independent research project, submitted as a formal essay. Students can focus on one of the Department’s areas of interest, study or research or construct their own program that complements and expands their undergraduate experience; three semesters are typically required to complete the degree. Each program of study is planned by the student in consultation with department faculty and must be approved by the faculty adviser.

Funding Opportunity

The Jensen Fellowship

The fellowship provides a full ride for engineers and scientists seeking to attain a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering from EHE. This fellowship is open to professionally-oriented master's students. Learn more...