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New "Health Security" Area of Interest for Master's Programs

EHE Master's Health Security Track

The novel coronavirus and COVID19 has heightened society's awareness of public health around the world. This new area of interest aims to train those who feel drawn to the field as a result.


Faculty in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering have designed a new master's area of interest for students who would like to begin careers in public health and healthcare preparedness, global health security, outbreak and epidemic management, disaster response, and related fields.  

Our world needs public health professionals now more than ever.
~ Megan Latshaw, PhD

Associate scientist, Dr. Megan Latshaw, serves as director of the Master of Health Science in Environmental Health (MHS) and Master of Health Science (ScM) programs where the health security focus will launch in the first term of the 2020 academic year. "Our world needs public health professionals now more than ever," said Latshaw. "In response to COVID19, this new area of interest ensures graduates will be ready to respond to the next outbreak or disaster whenever it comes."

Health Security coursework provides an understanding of the various types of health [security] threats, including epidemics, natural disasters, technological accidents, and intentional attacks. Students in this area of interest: