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Funding Opportunities

Departmental Scholarships

MHS and ScM students are eligible for a limited number of partial-tuition scholarships to be used toward full-time study. As decided by a committee of faculty members, scholarships are offered to selected students based on their prior academic achievements and research potential. Departmental scholarship decisions are made during the admissions process and communicated to students in their letters of acceptance.

Teaching Assistants

Several departmental courses require teaching assistance. Students selected as Teaching Assistants (TAs) gain experience in teaching and receive compensation for their efforts. Open positions will be advertised via email by the department’s Academic Program Administrator before the start of each term.

Master’s Tuition Scholarship (MTS)

All full-time, second-year ScM students in good academic standing are eligible for a Master’s Tuition Scholarship (MTS) from the Bloomberg School. The MTS provides 75 percent tuition support during the second year of the program. Students must successfully complete all required program courses and accumulate a minimum of 64 credits before the department will recommend the student for the scholarship. This scholarship provides a 75 percent tuition scholarship during this stage of the program. Once the scholarship has been awarded, the student must maintain a full time registration for the entire period of the award.

Financial Aid

Qualifying students may be offered a wide array of loans including Federal Perkins loans and Federal Direct Student loans (unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS).  The school also participates in the Federal Work-Study Program. The Financial Aid Office does not offer need-based grant assistance. To apply for financial aid, please visit the Office of Student Financial Services.

Tuition for the Bloomberg School of Public Health can be found here. Please note that tuition and fees are the same for U.S. and international students.

Baltimore Cost of Living information can be found here.