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Program Educational Objectives, Student Outcomes, Enrollment, and Graduation

Educational Objectives

The OEH Program has four broad educational objectives:

  1. Recognize, evaluate, and control factors in the workplace and the environment that may cause illness, injury, or impairment;
  2. Prepare for an immediate career through comprehensive education and training
  3. Develop functional skills in the five core areas designated for professional programs (biostatistics, epidemiology, administration, education/behavioral sciences, and environmental health) specific to the practice of occupational and environmental hygiene; and
  4. Provide a breadth of professional knowledge needed to pursue further education in Environmental Health Sciences.

Student Outcomes

Students graduating from the MS OEH Program will have demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Develop quantitative skills needed to function as a professional occupational and environmental hygienist
  2. Understand basic biological concepts needed to evaluate exposure-response relationships
  3. Apply exposure and risk assessment, risk communication and risk management principles to occupational and environmental hazards
  4. Apply management and social and behavioral sciences theory to work-place settings
  5. Describe and evaluate statutes and regulatory policies related to environmental health and discuss their interface
  6. Apply analytical and technical skills in reviewing, exploring, understanding, or solving a problem pertinent to occupational and environmental hygiene
  7. Undertake a professional experience appropriate to and tailored to the needs of the individual student
  8. Complete an Independent Professional Project (IPP) and present the results of IPP in written form and orally
  9. Augment training in the student’s particular area of interest or specialized competency
  10. Translate occupational and environmental health research into practice

Enrollment and Graduation

In the last 3 years the Full Time Program option had an average of 4-5 new students entering per year; 100% of students have graduated within 2 years of entering the Program.

In the last 3 years the Part-time/online Program option had an average of 4 new students entering per year (current total enrollment - 11 students). The part time program takes two and one half to four years to complete; 5 students graduated in 2017-18 and 3 students graduated in 2018-19. (date of update 8/22/2019)