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Master of Science in Toxicology for Human Risk Assessment


Program Director
Joseph P. Bressler, PhD

Zoe Petersen
Sr. Academic Program Coordinator


Safety sciences is a multi-billion dollar industry and represents a scientific field undergoing continuous adaptation to ensure the highest safety standards for consumers while allowing innovation. New products arising from novel nano-, bio- and other technologies are constantly challenging the way in which safety standards are set. Addressing these challenges requires specialists versed in traditional as well as innovative toxicity testing approaches. 

Regulatory agencies in both the United States and Europe are mobilizing to develop methods for incorporating traditional in vivo testing methodologies along with novel in vitro and in silico models to support human health risk assessments.

The Master of Science (MS) in Toxicology for Human Risk Assessment is the only program of its kind in the United States. Our innovative masters program equips graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to begin or advance their career as professionals in the evolving field of human health and environmental risk assessment. 

The full-time program consists of:

Students completing this program can also earn the Certificate in Risk Sciences and Public Policy.


Our students are mentored by scientists, toxicologists, and epidemiologists and have interned at governmental agencies such as:


Graduates of the MS program are equipped to play an essential scientific role in the evaluation of toxicity testing data and their utilization in the regulatory process at federal agencies and in the private and industrial sectors.


The program gave me a solid background in both toxicology and risk assessment that I still rely on for my work today. The internship at IRIS assisted in my understanding of the role of risk assessment in a federal agency which is crucial for my role at SRC Inc.

sabah tariq Sabah Tariq, Biologist at SRC

My work involves the exposure side of risk assessment. The program definitely helped with my career goals and provided opportunities for my future career. I really enjoyed the focus on both toxicology and risk assessment. 

rachel onealRachel O'Neal, Environmental Engineer at Versar