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MS in Toxicology for Human Risk Assessment - Research Faculty

Faculty Member/

Research Interests

Health Policy and Management

Thomas Burke, PhD

Environmental health policy, risk assessment and communication, environmental epidemiology, health policy and management

Mary Fox, PhD

Environmental health, risk assessment, cumulative risk, public policy, community health

Environmental Health

Joseph P. Bressler, PhD

Environmental health sciences, blood brain barrier, lead, iron, transporters, neurodevelopment

Thomas Hartung, MD

Evidence-based toxicology, alternative methods, animals in research, 21st century toxicology

Chris Heaney, PhD

Environmental epidemiology, occupational and environmental health, infectious diseases,
water and health, global climate change, community-based participatory research

Mark Kohr, PhD

Cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular physiology, sex differences, redox biology, cellular biology, molecular biology, cellular signaling, protein oxidation, mass spectrometry & proteomics, electrophysiology, fluorescence microscopy

Megan Latshaw, PhD

Environmental health surveillance, biomonitoring, healthy designing communities,
built environment, environmental justice, community partnership, evidence-based
public health practice, translating science to policy, leadership development

Paul Locke, DrPH

Environmental law, environmental policy, risk assessment, risk management, radon,
radiation, alternatives to animal testing, chemical regulation, uranium mining

Keeve Nachman, PhD

Risk science, risk assessment, food systems


Marie Diener-West, PhD

Biostatistics, clinical trials, ocular melanoma, statistical methods, statistical education

Karen Bandeen-Roche, PhD

Biostatistics, latent variable models, longitudinal data analysis, multivariate data analysis,
multivariate survival analysis, psychometrics, psychological statistical methods and analysis,
gerontological statistical methods, analysis statistical methods, and analysis for psychology,
gerontology and aging


David D. Celentano, ScD

Epidemiology, international health, HIV, AIDS, STDs, substance abuse, alcohol, behavior, Asia, HIV/AIDS prevention, Thailand, India, South Africa

Jennifer Anne Deal, PhD

Aging, cognitive aging, cognition, cognitive decline, dementia, epidemiology, hearing impairment, retinal