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EHE Students Win First Place in the Chesapeake Water Environment Association Student Design Competition


Team Stormageddon (left to right): Kiana Rodgers, Christina Cho, Alyssa Sooklal, Jeongjae Kim

Congratulations to EHE Senior Design Team Stormageddon - Alyssa Sooklal (team leader), Jeongjae Kim, Christina Cho, and Kiana Rodgers - for winning first place in the Chesapeake Water Environment Association Student Design Competition. The CWEA Student Design Competition is an annual competition that is intended to promote engineering design experience for students. Students must present a problem statement and an engineering solution that they have designed as a team.

Team Stormageddon's project aimed to address stormwater management concerns in Fort Meade, MD by designing best management practices (BMPs) to treat stormwater runoff entering the surface waters of Fort Meade. The students used resources from the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Maryland Department of the Environment, such as design manuals and guidance documents, as well as software such as AutoCAD and TR-55, to design BMPs to treat and capture stormwater runoff at a specific parking lot location at Fort Meade. They also used Environmental Site Design (ESD) criteria that are cost-effective and will maximize the amount of impervious acre credits that can be used for the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit requirements that Fort Meade must meet. Alternatives analysis and cost estimation will be prepared to support the proposed design.

The team will present their design project on stormwater management at the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference in Chicago on October 1st. They will compete against teams across the nation. More information about the WEF Student Design Competition can be found on their website.