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Affiliated Faculty Directory

Emeritus Faculty

William Ball - Professor Emeritus 
Executive Director, Chesapeake Research Consortium
Environmental engineering, physical and chemical processes,
water quality
John J. Boland -  Professor Emeritus
Environmental economics and policy
Grace S. Brush -  Professor Emeritus
Ecology, paleoecology, plant geography
Sheila Fitzgerald - Associate Professor Emeritus
Environmental Health Sciences, adolescents and young working adults,
occupational stress, cardiovascular disease risk, return to work, workplace violence,
health promotion, disease prevention
Thomas Kensler - Professor Emeritus
Environmental Health Sciences, chemical carcinogenesis, chemoprevention,
hepatocarcinogenesis, reactive oxygen, antioxidants, enzyme induction,
aflatoxin, oltipraz, chlorophyllin, sulforaphane, Keap1, Nrf2, triterpenoids
Robert S. Lawrence - Professor Emeritus
Environmental impacts of industrial agriculture, food security,
health and human rights
Peter Lees - Professor Emeritus
Industrial hygiene, occupational and environmental hygiene,
Environmental Health Sciences, exposure assessment, retrospective exposure assessment,
surface contamination, dermal exposure, synthetic vitreous fibers, chromium
Ellen Silbergeld - Professor EmeritusIndustrial farming, food safety, molecular devices for pathogen detection, disease modeling
antibiotic-resistant bacteria, heavy metals, environmental and occupational health
Ernst Spannhake -  Professor Emeritus
Environmental Health Sciences, air pollution, ozone, respiratory system, nasal bronchial,
epithelium inflammation, mucosal immunity, T-cell activation, mediators, gene expression,
asthma, influenza A, rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus
Paul Strickland - Professor Emeritus
Environmental and occupational health sciences, molecular biomonitoring,
genotoxic agents, carcinogens, genetic polymorphisms, carcinogen metabolites,
genetic damage in human populations, molecular epidemiology, exposome
James D. Yager - Professor Emeritus
Estrogens, estradiol, estrogen metabolism, catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT),
catechols, estrogen receptor, estrogen receptors, carcinogenesis, liver cancer,
breast cancer, genetic polymorphisms, Environmental Health Sciences,
environmental disease: molecular mechanisms, pathophysiology molecular,
translational toxicology, training program in Environmental Health Sciences














Bloomberg School - Part Time Faculty

Amy AlfriendAssociate
Daniel Anna Senior Associate
Dennis AverillAssociate
John BalbusAssociate Professor
William BallResearch Professor
Stephen BowesAssistant Professor
Timothy BuckleyAssociate Professor
Stuart ChaitkinSenior Associate
Kai Loon ChenAssistant Research Professor
Katherine ClancySenior Associate
Marianne CloerenAssociate
Michael CrupainAssociate
Melissa FrischAssociate
Tullika GargAssociate
Howard GwonSenior Associate
Rolf HaldenAssociate Professor
Elise HandelmanAssociate
Annemarie Gregory HirschAssistant Professor 
Frances HumphreyAssociate
Joseph JacangeloAssociate Professor
David JacobsAssociate
Jana KesavanAssociate
Emory KnowlesAssociate
Pamela KrahlAssociate
James MadsenAssociate
Olusola MalomoAssociate
Stephan MannAssociate
Kelsey McCoskeyAssociate
Melissa McDiarmidAssociate Professor 
Clifford MitchellAssociate Professor 
John PentikisAssociate
John PiacentinoAssociate
Alan RobersonAssociate
Nathaniel RothmanProfessor
Michael Anthony SauriAssociate
Anita SchillAssociate
Nicola Alessandro ScichiloneAssociate Professor
David SlineyAssociate
Maria Tellez-PlazaAssistant Professor 
Richard ThomasAssociate
Craig ThorneAssistant Professor
Mingyi WangAssistant Professor
Ronald WhiteSenior Associate
Masayuki YamamotoProfessor

Bloomberg School - Joint Faculty

Susan BakerProfessor
Bloomberg School of Public Health
624 N Broadway Hampton House 537 || 410-955-2078
Injury, teen drivers, alcohol, aviation safety, injury severity, occupational safety, childhood injury, eldery injury
Edward BernackiAssociate Professor
School of Medicine
600 N. Wolfe Street Billings Administration 131 || 410-955-9231
Karen BollaAssociate Professor
School of Medicine
Neuropsychology, drug abuse, behavioral neurotoxicology, aging
Malcolm BrockAssociate Professor
School of Medicine
Robert BrownProfessor
School of Medicine
615 N Wolfe St., E7614 || 410-614-6461
Environmental Health Sciences structure-function relationship of pulmonary airways and vessels and how they relate to reactive airway disease
Thomas BurkeProfessor
Bloomberg School of Public Health
624 N. Broadway Hampton House 429 || 410-614-4587
Environmental health policy risk assessment and communication, environmental epidemiology, health policy and management
Robert Anthony CaseroProfessor
School of Medicine 
Bunting-Blaustein Cancer Research Bldg. Rm 551 || 410-955-8580
Polyamines, polyamine oxidase, SSAT, APAO, PAOh1, spermine oxidase (SMO) apoptosis, reactive oxygen species, inflammation-associated carcinogenesis, chemoprevention, LSD1, epigenetics, chromatin modification, lysine demethylation
Valeria CulottaProfessor
Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street Room W8116 || 410-955-3029
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, environmental health, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, antioxidants, ROS, superoxide dismutase, yeast, Candida, Borrella, Lyme disease, infection, pathogens, microbes, metals 
Rachel DamicoAssistant Professor
School of Medicine
Sinha DebasishAssistant Professor
School of Medicine 
Gregory DietteAssociate Professor
School of Medicine
1830 E. Monument Street 5th Floor || 410-502-7038
Epidemiology of lung diseases, asthma, COPD, outcomes, environmental, particulate matter, allergens, health disparities
Daniela Drummond-BarbosaProfessor
Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street Room W3118
Stem cells, diet, metabolism, obesity, genetics, endocrinology, developmental biology, reproductive biology, oogenesis, adipocytes, germline, Drosophila 
Joshua EpsteinProfessor
School of Medicine
5801 Smith Avenue Suite 3220 || 410-735-6419
Edward GabrielsonProfessor
School of Medicine
Kathleen GabrielsonAssociate Professor
School of Medicine
Christine Marie GeorgeAssistant Professor
Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street Room E5535 || 410-955-2485
Diarrheal disease, water, sanitation, hygiene, interventions, cholera, shigellosis, arsenic, uranium, environmental surveillance, community capacity building 
Nadia HanselAssistant Professor
School of Medicine
Maureen HortonAssociate Professor
School of Medicine
615 N. Wolfe Street, W7006 Physiology 
Namisha Kalia-SatwahAssistant Professor
School of Medicine
600 N. Wolfe Street, Billings Administration 131 || 410-955-9231
Raymond KoehlerProfessor
School of Medicine
Blalock 1404, Johns Hopkins Hospital || 410-955-4068
Mechanisms of oxygen transport regulation, cerebrovascular physiology, cardiac arrest and resuscitation, stroke, hepatic encephalopathy
Mahadevappa MaheshProfessor
School of Medicine
601 N. Caroline Street, Suit 4235 || 410-955-5155
Joseph MargolickProfessor
Bloomberg School of Public health
615 N. Wolfe Street, Room E5153 || 410-955-1436 Human immunodeficiency virus, immune assessment, immune deficiency, T-cells flow cytometry, cell sorting pathogenesis of HIV
Meredith McCormackAssistant Professor
School of Medicine Asthma, COPD, particulate matter, air pollution, pulmonary function
Sharon McGrath-MorrowProfessor
School of Medicine
Alvaro MuñozProfessor
Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street, E7649 || 410-955-2792
Statistics in Epidemiology, cohort studies, survival analysis, analysis of longitudinal data, kidney disease, infectious disease, pelvic floor disorders, post marketing surveillance
William NelsonProfessor
School of Medicine
Andrew Stanley PekoszProfessor
Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street, Room W2116 || 410-502-9306
Virus, virus assembly, virus-host interaction, respiratory infections, receptors, cell tropism, vaccines, influenza, SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, enterovirus-D68, hantavirus 
Alan ScottProfessor
Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street, Room E5152 || 410-955-3442
Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, parasitic nematodes, biology infections, parasites, filarial nematodes, asthma, allergy, gene expression, analysis genomics, gene array, microarray
William SegarsAssistant Professor
School of Medicine
James ShamAssociate Professor
School of Medicine
JHAAC 4B-35 || 410-550-0545
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
David SteinAssistant Professor
School of Medicine
Center for A Livable Future – 7th Floor || 410-614-4590 Human rights 
Peter TerryProfessor
School of Medicine
JHAAX 4B.72 || 410-550-0545
Medical Ethics 
Bradley UndemProfessor
School of Medicine
JHAAC 3A.12A || 410-550-2160
Peripheral nervous system inflammation, sympathetic ganglia, pharmacological electrophysiological, biochemical, anatomical
Elizabeth WagnerProfessor
School of Medicine
JHAAC 4B.66 || 410-550-2506
Environmental Health Sciences, angiogenesis, bronchial circulation, endothelial cell biology, leukocyte recruitment, particle clearance
Robert WiseProfessor
School of Medicine
Johns Hopkins Asthma & Allergy Center, 4B.72 || 410-550-0545
Clinical trials in chronic obstructive lung diseases
Srinivasan YegnasubramanianAssociate Professor
School of Medicine
Cynthia ZahnowAssistant Professor
School of Medicine
Diane ZerbeAssociate Faculty
Industrial hygiene, occupational hygiene, environmental hygiene

Whiting School - Affiliated Faculty

Umesh KordeResearch Professor
Homewood - Ames 238 || 410-516-0987
Peter WilcockResearch Professor
Seth GuikemaAssociate Research Professor
Justin WilliamsLecturer
Thomas ColemanLecturer

Whiting School - Joint, Part-Time and Visiting Faculty

Royce FrancisAdjunct Assistant Professor Environmental Policy 
Dennice GaymeAssistant Professor Modeling, design and control of distributed systems  
Theodore GoldsteinAdjunct Professor
Edward HeckerAdjunct Assistant Research Engineer
Critical infrastructure resilience, lifecycle flood risk management
Michael KarweitSenior Lecturer
Joseph KatzProfessor
Experimental fluid mechanics, development of advanced diagnostics techniques
Charles MeneveauProfessor
Environmental fluid mechanics, engineering, turbulence
Marc B. ParlangeAdjunct Professor
Hydrology, environmental fluid mechanics, atmospheric interactions
Andrea ProsperettiProfessor
Fluid mechanics, bubble mechanics, numerical simulations
Andrew SamuelAdjunct Assistant Professor
Applied Microeconomics, game theory, political economy of development
Kellogg SchwabAssociate Professor
Environmental Health Engineering, Bloomberg School of Public Health
Environmental public health, pathogen microbiology
Eugene StakhivAdjunct Associate Research Engineer
Climate change adaptation, integrated water resources management and sustainable development 
Ben ZaitchikAssistant Professor
Understanding, managing, and coping with climatic and hydrologic variability