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The Molecular Biophysics & Cellular Mechanics Lab of Dr. Steven An



  • 615 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore MD, 21205
    Room E6646
  • 410-502-5085

Research Focus

Our lab's primary research interest is focused on the airway smooth muscle cell and its role in the pathologic narrowing of the airways in asthma.  

Dr. An's lab has the unique capability to measure, at the single cell level, changes in stiffness using Magnetic Twisting Cytometry (MTC), contractile force using Fourier Transform Traction Microscopy (FTTM), and discrete molecular-level remodeling dynamics of the living cytoskeleton using Spontaneous Nanoscale Tracer Motions (SNTM). These state-of-art nanotechnologies are readily applicable to a wide variety of cell types and, in combination of multiple genetic, chemical and mechanical manipulations, have broad research applications that are at the interface of cell biology, physics and medicine.

The Molecular Biophysics and Cellular Mechanics Lab of Dr. Steven An is housed in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering. Dr. An also teaches several courses as part of the PhD Track in Toxicology, Physiology & Molecular Mechanisms, and directs the course, Fundamentals of Human Physiology.

Dr. An's lab is currently supported by grants from National Institutes of Health: P01 HL114471, R01 HL058506, R01 HL137030, R01 DK035385, and R01 DK100483. An lab is also funded by a generous support of the Johns Hopkins University Discovery Award, the Johns Hopkins University Catalyst Award, the Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund, American Cancer Society, and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.