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Hopkins researchers want to learn about your general well-being and long term effects of E-cigarette use on your oral, lung, and heart health.

vapors study

There has been rapid increase in use of electronic cigarettes (ECs) among young adults, in part due to targeted advertising and the perception that ECs are safe.

EC advertising has targeted two different demographics: current cigarette smokers who wish to quit using tobacco cigarettes and younger individuals who may be drawn to the wide array of EC flavors sold and the glamorous portrayal of the product. The goal of this study is to determine health effects associated with chronic use of ECs in young adults.

There are abundant data on the adverse effects of cigarette smoke on oral, pulmonary and cardiovascular health. However, this information is virtually non-existent for EC users due to lack of long term follow-up of EC users. In 2016, the FDA extended their regulatory authority to include ECs. Hence, it is critical to determine what risks ECs may pose in vulnerable populations, such as young adults, so appropriate, evidence-based regulations can be enacted. Our study is designed to evaluate the effects of chronic EC use on measures of oral, pulmonary, and cardiac health in young adults.

Primary Aim: To determine if there is an alteration in oral microbiome in young adult EC users as compared to non-users and over time.

Secondary Aim: Determine differences between chronic EC users and non-users overtime for the following: (1) markers of oral immune response, (2) markers of oral DNA damage, (3) alteration in gene expression in buccal cells of the oral cavity, (4) lung function, (5) indicators of physical activity, and (6) metal concentration and markers of oxidative stress in urine.

Inclusion Criteria:

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