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Dr. Joseph Bressler Laboratory


Research Focus

Our laboratory studies how environmental pollutants affect neurodevelopment with specific interests in autism and fetal alcohol syndrome.

Our laboratory is in the Kennedy Krieger Institute, which is dedicated to helping children and adolescents with neurological disorders and is located on the East Baltimore Campus of the JHMI. Our approach for studying neurodevelopmental disorders utilizes experimental models and clinical samples obtained from our collaborative research projects with pediatric neurologists and neuropsychologists. The major mechanistic focus is currently in DNA methylation and other epigenetic mechanisms. The paradigm being tested is that the mechanism in which environmental agents disrupt neurodevelopment is by modifying the DNA methylation landscape.

Dr. Bressler is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering and teaches several courses as part of the PhD Track in Environmental Diseases: Molecular Mechanisms & Pathophysiology.