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Dr. Kirsten Koehler Faculty Research


Research Goals

Dr. Koehler's goals are to improve exposure assessment methods to inform occupational and public health policy.

Her research goals involve the use of direct-reading instrumentation to improve spatiotemporal exposure assessment.

Direct-reading (i.e. “real-time”) monitors can rapidly assess exposures to various hazards, and coupling estimated exposures with a known location to identify occupational sources of these hazards.

Contour plots of the hazard concentration over space, known as concentration maps, have recently been used to assess the spatial variability of hazards. Concentration maps have the potential to be powerful because they are easily comprehensible for workers, managers, and occupational/environmental health scientists to locate areas of concern.

Dr. Koehler's lab is housed in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering and she teaches several courses as part of the PhD Track in Exposure Sciences and Environmental Epidemiology.