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 One Health Research Team

We are always looking for talented students and post-doctoral fellows to join our team.

Meghan Frost-DavisMeghan Frost Davis, PhD, DVM
Assistant Professor
Director, One Health Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University

Department of Environmental Health and Engineering

As a molecular epidemiologist and an environmental microbiologist, Dr. Davis studies the interface of bacteria and   hosts to reduce microbe-mediated disease in humans and animals. Her work applies the principles of one health and microbial ecology, evaluating target microbes and bacterial genes specifically and the larger microbial community (microbiome) broadly. Dr. Davis also evaluates non-infection outcomes, specifically asthma, from exposure to bacterial agents and their toxic products. Designing and testing interventions to combat the rise of bacterial antimicrobial resistance and both infection and non-infection outcomes related to microbial exposures in a one health context is the goal of her research career.

Alexandra Lorentz
PhD Candidate | 2015-

Gabriel Innes, VMD
PhD Student | 2016-

Christopher Nelson, RN
PhD Student | 2016-

Kathyrn Dalton, VMD, MPH
PhD Student | 2017-

Maya Spaur
MHS Student | 2017-

shanna ludwigShanna Ludwig, PhD
Research Technologist

Shanna's has a background in botany, having completed a Master’s degree in Plant Diversity (University of Reading, UK) followed by a PhD from the University of Bristol (UK).

For her PhD, she studied ecological and evolutionary genetics, focusing on reproductive biology and speciation in diploid and polyploid Sorbus populations.

Research Team Alumni

2017 (Summer)

2016 (Summer)

2015 (Summer)

What's a VMD? Both a DVM and a VMD are veterinary doctoral degrees, the animal health equivalent of a MD.