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Geomorphology, Geochemistry, and Hydrology

Physical processes, along with chemical and biological phenomena linked to them, shape the landforms we live in, and the dynamic interactions between air, water, soil, and sediments. Our goal is to better understand how human activities are altering the processes operating on the earth's surface and subsurface, and provide the basis for predicting how the world at large impacts human and ecosystem health. Current research areas include:

Research Highlight

What did the Chesapeake Bay watershed look like before centuries of human activity and development? According to paleoecological and historical evidence, the pre-colonial land was much wetter then today, with numerous marshes, swamps, and ponds. Since European colonization, humans have cut down trees, drained wetlands, and filled marshes to make way for agricultural lands. What does the future hold for the largest estuary in the United States? These are questions yet to be answered by the next generation of environmental engineers.

Associated Faculty

 *Denotes faculty who are accepting PhD students.