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Bachelor of Science in Engineering/Master of Science in Engineering Five-Year Program

The Department of Environmental Health and Engineering offers a five-year Bachelor of Science in Engineering/Master of Science in Engineering (BSE/MSE) program. 

To apply for admission, students must submit an online application. Students are required to present a statement of purpose, three letters of recommendation and college transcripts. GRE scores and the application fee are waived. Upon acceptance into the program, students will be asked to develop an outline of their proposed academic program with their adviser. Students should contact their faculty adviser with questions or if they would like to consider applying to the program.

Please note: If you are currently a Hopkins student applying for the BSE/MSE program, EHE will pay for your application fee. You should apply using the standard application. Select the Combined BSE/MSE or the Combined option within the application in order to waive the following:

A note about double counting for BSE/MSE students. BSE/MSE students are not permitted to double count credits taken in their undergrad program towards their master's program required credits. However, if:

  1. A course that is required for the master's program is taken as an undergrad during their time at Johns Hopkins and
  2. They did not use the course to count towards their undergrad graduation requirements credits then they are permitted to use these credits towards their master's program requirements.

In order to complete a BSE/MSE, 30 credits of graduate level, approved courses are required.

BSE/MSE students who take a required course in their undergrad program but do not use it towards program-required graduation credits may count that course towards their 30-credit program requirement. In order to take advantage of this exception, students must:

  1. Work with their advisers to confirm that the courses are required for their master’s program and
  2. Submit a copy of their Junior checkout sheet demonstrating that they did not previously use the master’s level course to fulfill undergraduate graduation credit requirements.