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The Research Program of Shyam Biswal



Opportunities Available

Research Associate position is available to study the mechanisms of redox regulation and cancer metabolism.  Learn More.

Research Associate & Genomics Bioinformatics position is available in the area of epigenomics a with a focus on NGS data analysis and integration of data from different analysis platforms (RNA-Seq, DNA-methylation, ChIP-Seq).  Learn More.

Mice Exposure Core


Shyam Biswal, PhD

Research Foci

Oxidative stress, metabolic adaptation and therapeutic resistance of cancer

We discovered that non small cell lung cancer frequently develop gain of function in Nrf2 due to KEAP1 mutations, which increases antioxidants and alters metabolism to drive tumor growth and cause therapeutic resistance. This has changed the paradigm in cancer biology and develop our understanding of dark side of antioxidants in cancer cells. Our current effort will help unravel mechanisms of oncogenic cooperation and metabolic adaptation using patient-derived xenografts in humanized immunocompetent mice and GEM models.

Health effects of air pollution on oxidative stress and metabolism

We are interested in understanding the systemic and pulmonary effects of air pollution. In collaboration with Dr. Sanjay Rajagopalan, we are studying how chronic exposure to air pollution affects epigenetic reprogramming, leading to alterations in metabolism and insulin resistance.

Health effects due to emerging tobacco products

Over the past 5 years, there has been exponential growth in the use of electronic cigarettes and water-pipes, which are emerging public health concerns. We are studying health effects associated with chronic use of electronic-cigarettes and water-pipe smoking in young adults. Our clinical trial is investigating longitudinal alterations in the oral microbiome and early biomarkers of cardiovascular and respiratory health in young adult e-cigarette users, which may guide product regulations.